NFPA (National Fire Protection Association) is fire protection institution having worldwide accepted standards. This institution is the organization that is setting and the publishing the standards of issues effecting fire and fire safety which are applied worldwide. Norm Pump is a member of NFPA and is constantly monitoring the studies and publications of NFPA. Norm series pumps are manufactured according to the standards of NFPA for two important reasons.

NFPA standards are the world's most widely used and which has the most severe conditions, especially in the pump systems.

In our country, almost all technological systems, mainly watered fire extinguishing systems such as automatic sprinklers, indoor fire fighting and outdoor fire hydrant systems are designed according to NFPA standards. In terms of holistic approach as a general rule if a system is designed according to any standard, where the performance characteristics of the products to be used in that system must comply with the same standards. In the opposite case it?s inevitable that a mismatch occurs between product and design. Since Norm Series pumps conform to NFPA, with aqueous fire fighting systems designed according to NFPA standards (Automatic sprinklers, fire hose cabinet for indoor, outdoor hydrants, pressure spray and foam systems) can be used in full compliance.

In addition, insurance companies refuse to take risks and do not lower the fire insurance policy costs without detecting that the fire fighting systems are designed according to NFPA standards and the fire pumps and selected groups are compliance with NFPA 20.

What is NFPA 20 Standard?

NFPA 20 (Standard for the Installation of Centrifugal Fire Pumps) is the fire pump standard of NFPA that is a standard for setting the performances and installation rules of fire pumps and pump assembly, motor control systems and the characteristics of the auxiliary parts that should be used.

What are the Features of Fire Pumps According to NFPA 20?

NFPA has brought a standard; due to the special importance of fire pumps, as well as performance characteristics and the required material properties. The conformity of a fire pump to NFPA 20 requires the fulfillment of these conditions. When these are features are considered it is apparent that there are very serious differences between the general purpose pumps and fire pumps. Fire pumps are designed in order to provide maximum reliability and additional outlet pressure value throughout the entire operational life. The design criteria in general purpose pumps are the maximum efficiency and economic operating feature.

Features of Norm Pump and Fire Groups In Accordance With NFPA 20:

There is a separate control panel for each pump.
- At zero flow, the pressure does not exceed 1.4 times of nominal value.
- At 1.5 x nominal flow rate, it does not drop to values of less than 0.65 of the nominal pressure
- Speeds are less than 3 m / s in the suction pipe.
- Mounting in bearings: should be carried out with bearings of least 5,000 hours of service life.
- Pump impeller: Bronze
- Pump shaft: AISI 316 or AISI 304
- Pump housing: GG-25 cast iron
- Sealing: with five turns of soft seal or mechanical seal
- Service factor of electric motors (overload factor) should not exceed 1.15.
- Flanges are produced in conformance to EN 1092 - PN 16.

Pump Equipment

Automatic air relief valve (suction)
- Body cooling valve
- Convergent, divergent spacers in order to reduce the speed
- Pressure gauges in inlet and outlet
- Leaking valve against freezing,
- Flexible coupling
(gpm) (lt/dak) (m3/h)
25 95 5,7
50 189 11,4
100 379 22,7
150 568 34,1
200 757 45,4
250 946 56,8
300 1136 68,1
400 1514 91
450 1703 102
500 1892 114
750 2893 170
1000 3785 227
1250 4731 284
1500 5677 341
2000 7570 454
2500 9462 568
3000 11355 681
4000 15140 908
4500 17032 1022
5000 18925 1136



Pump head of the fire pumps are not specified in NFPA 20. Provision of different pressures depending on the design of the firefighting system may be desirable
Recommended nominal pressures are 30- 40 - 50 - 60 - 70 - 80 - 90 - 100 - 110 - 120 - 130 - 140 (m).
Fire pumps and groups that are manufactured by NORM PUMP MANUFACTURING conform to NFPA 20 but they are not listed.
Dated 09.09.2009 - No. 27344
- (fire pumps) provided that the desired pressure value is met, 130% of the nominal flow rate can be utilized for capacity demands of the system
- If a pump is used in the system there must be a backup pump with the same capacity,
- If there are more than one pump, sufficient number of spare pumps will be used where at least 50% of the total capacity is backed up.


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