Package Booster Sets (NBH)

Q (Flow)
210 m3/h (max.)
H (Head)
160 m (max.)
t (Operating Temperature) (1)
60 °C (max.)
Pd (Body Pressure Pmax)
10 bar - 25 bar(max)
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NBH Series Booster Sets

It is designed to pressurize water and other harmless (non-explosive, not containing any solid particles and fibers) fluids. NBH series pressure boosters are manufactured with 1,2 and 3 pumps. It can optionally be manufactured with more pumps. In NBH series booster systems; ELECTRONIC CONTROL AND PROTECTION (ECP) unit is used. ECP panels are produced with sequence selector or optionally with a frequency inverter.

General Pressure Water Supply

Houses, block of apartments, schools, business centers, shopping malls, industrials plants, factories

Pump Material Data

Part Name Material
GG 25 AISI 420
[X 20 CR 13]
Boosting Body        
Suction Body        
Protection Panel        
Diffuser Body        
Motor Carrier        
Lower Bed        

Technical Specifications

- The direction of rotation is clockwise when viewed from above. In standard production suction and head directions are in the same direction.
Pump shaft: Motor bearings in the upper part and a special welding bearing system in the lower part have formed a bearing. The bottom bearing is cooled with water; the pump and the motor shaft are connected with rigid coupling.

Booster Set Type

There is no single-phase input 1 ~ in booster set groups of NBH 1300/1400/1500/1600/1700 series.
NOTE: When ordering, please specify the type of the booster set.


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Package Booster Sets