Fully Automatic Package Booster Sets (CM-V)

Diameter of Collector Inlets
R 2" - R 8 "
5 - 500 m3/h
10 - 180 m
Rotation Per Minute
2900 rev/min.
Motor Power
3 - 45 kW
Max. Body Pressure
25 Bar

Fully Automatic Package Booster Sets

CM-V Series Booster Sets can have 1,2,3 or more pumps according to the desired flow rate.
Electronic control and protection (ECP) unit is used in CM-V series booster sets.
ECP panels are produced with sequence selector or optionally with a frequency inverter.
Booster sets can operate as a BOOSTER SET in two different modes as automatic and manual.
It is a requirement to operate booster set continuously in the automatic mode.
If a fault has occurred on the pressure booster kit, it can be operated temporarily on the manual mode in order to be under control.
Because in the manual status the phase relay, the liquid level relay and commutation relay is disabled.
Taking the pressure drop as a measure the pumps are enabled and disabled in a row according to water needs in multiple systems.
Liquid level electrodes that control the booster set kit prevent the dry running of the pump.
There is the phase control and the sequencing system is available that puts voltage drop in one or more phases and phase sequence changes in phases such as (RST) - (RTS).
Always the next pump starts to operate as the first pump at the beginning of each START, thus the operation of all pumps are provided alternately.

Places of Use

Block of apartments, holiday resorts, housing estates, hotels, hospitals, schools, villas, industrial organizations.


Important Note

- It your booster sets are to operate on suction; please especially specify when ordering that the booster set will operate for suction.
- There are no intake manifolds in the booster set that operate for suction. Separately suction tube and suction flaps should be connected for each pump.
- Take the necessary measures to prevent freezing of the system.


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