Single Stage Centrifugal Pumps (NSP)

Suction Flange
DN 50 .. DN 300
Discharge Flange
DN 32 .. DN 250 mm
Q (Flow)
1700 m3/h (max)
H (Head)
100 m (max.)
Motor (Rotation Per Minute)
1450 rpm. from 2900 rpm up to 3600 rpm
Direction of Rotation (Motor)
Clockwise (Right)
t (Operating Temperature) (1)
-10 °C (min.) / +140 °C (max.)
Pd (Body Pressure Pmax) (2)
10 - 16 bar
(1) » The pump material varies depending on the type of fluid, operating temperature and pressure.
For more information, please refer to our company.
(2) » (Pmax: Suction Pressure + Pump Head in Closed Valve)

NSP Series Pumps

It is intended for pumping clean or very slightly polluted,low viscosity liquids without solid particles fibers and abrasives.

Operation Details

- Centrifugal pumps with horizontal shaft, single-staged end-suction, closed impeller volute.
- Body sizes conform to TS EN 733 standards.
- Maintenance-free sealed type ball bearings are used in NSP type of pumps.
- Shaft sealing is provided by soft seal, optionally and according to the type of the fluid pumped pumps with mechanical seals can also be manufactured.
- In addition to 29 models according to EN 733 standard, 25 pieces of non-standard models.
- The sizes of non-standard models may be different from the models of other manufacturers.
- Suction and discharge flanges conform to EN 1092-2 /PN 16.
- Bearing group, seal bearing, pump shaft and the impeller can be dismantled without separating the volute off the piping installation thanks to the design that can be dismantled from the back.
- All of the impellers have been dynamically balanced according to ISO 1940 class 6.3.
- Axial force has been balanced by back wear ring / balancing holes system.

Pump Description

Section Drawing

1 Housing Cover
2 Spacer Bushing
3 Bearing Cover
4 Ball Bearing
5 Support Foot
6 Coupling Key
7 Bearing Cover
8 Pump Shaft
9 Bearing Races
10 Water Splash Disk
11 Mechanical Seal
12 O-Ring
13 Impeller
14 Impeller Key
15 Impeller Nut
16 Volute Casing
17 Drain Plug
18 Watering Ring
19 Mechanical Seal (Glen)
20 Cylindrical Roller
21 Bearing Angular Contact Ball Bearing
22 Oil Seal
23 Glen Stud and Nut
24 Soft Seal


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