Vertical Shaft, Multistage Centrifugal Pumps (CM-V)

Suction Flange
DN 32 .. DN 65
Q (Flow)
100 m3/h (max)
H (Head)
175 m (max.)
Motor (Rotation Per Minute)
2900 d/dk.
Direction of Rotation (Motor)
Clockwise (Right)
t (Operating Temperature) (1)
-10 °C (min.) / +120 °C (max.)
Pd (Body Pressure Pmax) (2)
25 bar
(1) » The pump material varies depending on the type of fluid, operating temperature and pressure.
For more information, please refer to our company.
(2) » (Pmax: Suction Pressure + Pump Head in Closed Valve)

CM-V Series Pumps;

It is intended for pumping clean or slightly polluted,low viscosity liquids without solid particles and fibers.

Technical Specifications

- CM-V Series pumps are centrifugal pumps with vertical shaft, multi-stage, closed impellers and diffusers.
- They have 4 models from DN 32 up to DN 65.
- Suction flanges conform to TS EN 1092-2 / PN 16, and discharge flanges conform to EN 1092-2 / PN 40 (PN 63).
- In standard production suction and discharge flanges are in the same direction.
- Axial force is balanced by the balancing holes in the impeller.
- In standard production the shaft sealing is provided with an unbalanced type single mechanical seal.
- The direction of rotation is clockwise when viewed from above.
- It has formed a bearing system with the motor bearings in the upper part and a special journal bearing beneath.
- The beneath bearing is lubricated with water. Pump shaft and the motor shaft are connected by a rigid coupling.

Pump Description

Parts List

1 Stud (Motor)
2 Nuts (Motor Carrier)
03-A Coupling (Pump Side)
4 Motor Carrier
5 Allene Bolt (Coupling)
6 Bolt (Coupling)
03-B Coupling Motor Side
7 Mechanical Seal Cover Bolt
8 Motor Carrier Bolt
9 Mechanical Seal Stationary Element
10 Mechanical Seals for Rotary Seals
11 Discharge Body
12 Last Stage Diffuser
13 Two Piece Ring
14 Stage Body
15 O-ring Body
16 Journal Bearings
17 Suction Body
18 Lover Foot Bolt
19 Pump Foot Stud
20 Journal Bearing Cap Bolt
21 Journal Bearings Bolt
22 Journal Bearing Cover
23 O-ring Journal Bearing Cover Lower Deck
24 Nut Body Studs
25 Journal Bearing Supply Pipe
26 Impeller Nut
27 Body Stud
28 Impeller
29 Impeller Key
30 Shaft Bushing
31 Shaft Bushing Key
32 O-Ring
33 Mechanical Seal Cover
34 Mechanical Seal Cover
35 Pump Shaft
36 Coupling Key
37 Safety Washer
38 Safety Nut
39 Coupling (Washer)
40 Electric Motor


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